Beau Brueggemann

The only effective way of winning the battle against unmastered complexity requires that one prevents the latter from entering the design in the first place.

Edsger W. Dijkstra
EWD 1041

About Me

I was introduced to programming at the age of five or six, when my dad showed me C64 BASIC. Throughout my childhood, I learned as much programming as I could (I was determined to make games). Eventually, I studied computer science at college (but finished with a music degree), and I have continued my independent computer/math/music studies ever since—I like good books.

In addition to continuous personal programming projects, I have been programming professionally since 2010. I am self-directed, can teach myself new (and old) things, and am comfortable diving into unfamiliar codebases (or architecting new ones!). As a quick study and a well-versed generalist, I've developed a knack over the years for being able to understand the core of a problem, and develop language- or system-agnostic solutions that are durable, professional, and timely.

Recently, I've been programming a computer game from scratch. It's called Smasher. You might enjoy reading about it on the Smasher Devlog.

Skills and Experience


I prefer C over many more recent languages, which tend to add accidental complexity at the language level (for an absurd example, of which I have far more experience than I would like, see C++).


Deep familiarity with language spec and standard libraries; much experience studying, writing, and documenting code. I have built command-line tools, website backends, bindings to C and C++ libraries, and desktop applications in Go.


Worked on 2D and 3D game rendering engines and have written lots of pretty GLSL shaders.

Mobile Development: iOS, Android, Swift, Objective-C, Java

Sole programmer of more than 30 successful apps, for both iOS and Android.

JavaScript (or ECMAScript, if you like)

Pedantically read Flanagan's "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide" twice. Then wrote too much of the stuff over the years.


Familiar with specs; confident understanding of syntax. Lots of experience adapting content and layouts for a variety of projects and styles.


Studied the relational algebra/calculus, and understand database theory. Created and maintained several SQL databases (PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MySQL).

Common Lisp

This could take over the industry any day now...

The UNIX Programming Environment

At home with a command-line.

And More

I've worked with many other programming languages, APIs, etc, including (but not limited to):

Work History

Owner of Beautron Games: 2017-present

Designer, developer (and everything else) for my small, independent game studio.

Principal at ProgramCraft: 2016-present

Consulting and development for a variety of clients, including mobile apps and websites.

Lead App Developer at BookMobile: 2010-2017

Sole programmer of more than 30 sucessful apps, for both iOS and Android.

Developer at Piano by Beau: 2009-2017

Created website with scheduling, educational flash games, and other materials for my piano studio.